IPvanish: Best Canadian VPN 2019

Best VPN Canada is IPVanish as it offers the best security, reliability, privacy and speed. It is based in US and it is a large company which employs highly qualified and experience professionals. With this company you will rest assured that your data are safe as it is handled by highly reputable company. IPVanish is among giants Non-logging VPN providers www.bestvpncanada.net having  and security has their top priorities.

Best VPN Canada: IPvanish VPN

  • Based in the United States
  • Offers OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP functionalities
  • Compatible with Mobile App for both Android and iOS
  • Has more than 110 Servers in over 48 countries
  • Uses 128-bit Blowfish Encryption method, which mainly used in OpenVPN
  • It is an non-logging VPN
  • Include a 7-Day Refund Policy
  • Includes free NAT Firewall
  • Allows torrents usage

IPVanish Software

Auto-login/ Auto-connect

Best VPN Canada is IPVanish: best vpn canada since it give users a choice of connecting automatically on startup or do it manually. The users can also choose individual services that they wish to connect automatically and whether to save the login credentials or type every time.

Choosing/Switching Servers

users have a chance of selecting a VPN server from over 100 servers located in the 48 different countries using either visual, list view, or map view server selection. The latest version of the IPVanish VPN is 2.0. This version allows on-the-fly IP switching without disconnecting and IP’s can be rotated automatically at users specified time interval, which ensures privacy and anonymity online.

NAT Firewall

The Best VPN Canada is IPVanish as it includes impressive features such as the free NAT Firewall, which rarely available in most other VPN services. The feature helps to prevent hackers, malware, and bots from accessing your computer form the VPN tunnel such as the anonymous IP address. It filters all the data going upstream through the VPN tunnel. This ensures that the data you receive are data you had requested.

As compare to others, Best VPN Canada is IPVanish as it is a standard VPN client that offers easy server switching and openVPN connectivity. It is perfectly working and powerful as compare to most other VPN. The software also features a link that connects to a page that checks your IP so that you can confirm that the VPN has been established successfully. Research reveals that the IPVanish is likely to add other features such as VPN kill-switch and DNS leak protection in the near future. These two features are mean to adjust the encryption strength and make the VPN software even more powerful.

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